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As an experienced company that has been in the silk screening business for over a decade, we are always trying to find ways to move forward and take a step ahead of the competition. In today's silk screening industry, the primary goal is producing the perfect print.  The perfect print requires quality silk screens, artwork and proper screen printing positive films. Here at (DSF) we can help meet to your goals by offering a new screen printing film that is more effective and cheaper. 

Our new DSF Laser and Inkjet positive film create the same outputs as comparable high end image setter roll prints, Casey transparencies, or vellum.  Not only is our film just as good, but it’s also 70% cheaper then what you are paying today.  We offer clear laser sheets, inkjet sheets, and Inkjet Roll Film, all at wholesale rates. These films are very clear for exposure, anti static which helps prevents double sheet feeding and they are non-coated. 

The reason we are so confident in our own products is because we are silk screen printers just like you.  Each day we print over 1,000 pieces of artwork on our DSF Films and we have less than 1% rejection rate.  We know the quality of our products because we use these positive films ourselves.  We have great silk screen positive films at the lowest possible prices available. We guarantee after using our screen printing positive films, you will be extremely satisfied with the results and savings.  

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